A new born baby:)

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Mar 8, 2014 22:39
I went to a hospital with my husband today because my husband's cousin's wife just had a baby a couple of days ago.
It's was a adorable girl.

This was actually my first time to see a baby just had born a few days ago, and I was surprised how small and adorable she was.

I had a chance to hold her in my arms. I didn't know how to do it at first because she was so tiny and her neck wasn't stable yet.
I fell in love with her just as soon when I managed to hold her in my arms because she was too cute!

Her little hands, her little feet, and everything she got was just amazingly adorable.

I wondered what it would like to be to have a baby.

I heard that women are strong enough to bear pain during labor, which men just can't handle it and they could die! lol

Everyone who experienced delivering a baby usually describes the pain as getting a water melon out of their noses. lol
I thought I would die. lol

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