Hi again!

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Jun 24, 2014 20:23
This is my second post today:)

Weather wasn't stable today. It was raining on and off.

I was really surprised to hear the news that it hailed a lot in some areas of Tokyo!
We don't usually expect to hail at this time of year, it's supposed to be in Winter, right?

What on earth is it happeninng? lol

I met up with my mother today.
Like I wrote in my last post, ever since I got pregnant, I've been thinking a lot more seriously how my mom raised me. Attually,I didn't know, up until now, that delivering a baby could be really risky. I should be more thankful to my mom to have gave me a birth and raised me.
So, I meet up with my mom at least once in a week, and help her out whatever she want me to do, like cleaning the house!
I have plenty of time as a housewife, so I want to be her help as much as possible since my father and mother are busy working.

By the way, I did my nails the other day.
To be honest, I want to get my nails done in a salon because I can't do it as much as they do. I'd go there if the price would be more reasonable. It's pretty expensive.

Although I like to do my nails by myself, it doesn't seem that I've improved my skills of doing nails. Once you look closely my nails, you'll know how bad I am at doing this! lol It's really rough.

Okay, that's all for this post!
I'm afraid this post isn't organized enough, but I'll be happy if you read it all!