Rolling Sushi? lol

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Feb 25, 2018 21:18
I went out to eat sushi at a sushi restaurant with my family today.

By the way, I wrote "Rolling sushi" in the title of this post since that was what came up in my mind first when I wondered how to say "回転寿司(kaiten sushi) in English. lol It sounds like sushi is rolling around! haha
And I thought it could be a catchy title. :)

For those of you who have no idea what the kaiten sushi exactly is, let me explain about it! Kaiten sushi is one of the most famous sushi restaurants where every dish of sushi is on a belt conveyer that runs along the costomer's seat. Usually a sushi dish comes with 2 pieces of sushi, and you can pick it up from the conveyer when you find your favorite. There is even a touch panel attached on every seat, so you can order your favorite and the belt conveyer will bring your order right before your seat.

Today, my husband and I had more than 15 dishes of sushi and my son enjoyed his favorite Natto maki (natto roll) and Tamago sushi (egg sushi). Good thing about sushi restaurant is you can find lots of menus for kids because little kids like my son haven't used to eat raw fish.

We enjoyed sushi a lot!

By the way, I thought the taste of sushi at these kind of sushi restaurant is good, but not that great. Usually, a belt conveyer sushi restaurant serves sushi with a cheaper price than an expensive type of sushi restaurant where sushi chef makes sushi right in front of you and you get to enjoy them fresh. I rarely had chances to go to what we call a real, authentic sushi restaurants. Those restaurants are expensive, but they worth it.

My husband and I talked that someday, when our son gets older, we should go to an expensive, but authentic sushi restaurant!
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