It's been a long week.

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Feb 26, 2016 21:32
Hi everyone.
I'm kind of upset at me because I've been making myself away from studying English. I think I could find some time to study English, but I always ended up putting it off. That's a bad habit of me. haha

I'm not excusing myself, but it's been a long week so I almost forgot about this site!

My son was having a high fever from Saturday evening, and I spent the days being with him. Now, he's recovered from it.

It wasn't his first time having fever like that, but it always ended for a day. So this was actually his first time having fever for almost a week. It was also first time for me to see my son so ill, and I was really worried that he might be some bad diseases.

I'm so realived that he's recovered.

I don't know if this is something that I should wirte on here, but I just want to spit it off. Ever since my son turned 1 year old, he's been reluctand to eat food. He seems to like mom's milk more than anything else, and I'm really happy about it, but whenever I hear other babies at the same age eat more than he does, I feel I've done some mistakes on his food process...I know it's just a phase and soon he'll grow out of this! Parenting isn's easy! ha!