Our feelings have to do with weather?

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Jun 27, 2014 15:47
Hi, there:)
It's not raining at all today, and I'm so happy about it.

I don't really like rainy days (especially at this time of year) because of its humidity that always come with rain. It's really annoying, isn't it?
(Rain in other seasons is not like this!)

So today, being relatively nice weather, I headed for a park near my house after finishing cleaning up, and had a really nice walk there.
I've been paying more attentions to what I should eat and do since I got pregnant because, you know, what I eat and do could have an effect on how my baby would be growing in both good and bad way.
One of the good things to do during pregnancy is walking. Delivering a baby will be requiring tons of power and it's good to walk a lot to build up a strength beforehands.

The park has three walking course which are 1 kilometers long on the average, and I walked about 5 kilometers taking 1 hour.
It was so refreshing after some exercise. ( I don't know if walking could be included as exercise, though.)

Walking in the park, I was thinking why I feel so great today and ended up this thought that my feelings tend to be decided how the weather of the day is going to be.

Speaking of it, I think I feel a lot better when it's sunny than when it's rainy. Although there's an exception sometimes and only for me.

(I don't know what the weather in other countries is like. But following my thought, I'd be always happy if I went to a place where it's always sunny?)