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Mar 11, 2014 22:48
It was cold and windy in the morning today, and it was freezing cold while I was waiting for a train to come on a platform. I don't really like when it's just cold but windy. Apparently, it does make it feel much colder when it's windy.X(

I wasn't that busy with my work, and I got home relatively early.
Since I came home earlier, I did the laundry, prepared for dinner, and even made Obento (lunch) for tomorrow.

I usually carry my lunch to my office. It doesn't go well when I said so, though. I can't even make any lunch or whatever dishes when I'm so tired. However, I really want to bring my lunch with me because it's more reasonable than buying lunch or eating out. We have a cafeteria in our company's building, where we can choose which to eat from two different menu. The menu changes day by day. I don't eat their dishes anymore becauce the portions are really huge. Also, it costs ¥400 for each lunch, which I thought bringing my own lunch would be much cheaper.

My husband and I just finished dinner now.
He really liked the dish that I made, and I was really happy for that.