I just moved!

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Apr 8, 2017 23:07
Today was the day we moved. So, the moving service came and took all our things to our new place. We haven't unpacked our things yet, so we're still going to struggle wit how we organize our new place. However, I'm really positive about this. This may be because I really like to take adventure than staying a normal routine, but rather than that, I'm excited about how our life is going to be at our new place.

At the same time, I really miss the people I happened to work with because they had been so nice to me and my son...

Anyway, I have to move on!
Right now, we're in my husband's parent' house since they invited us over because our new place is still messy. (I can't say thank you enough for this)
Worst thing is I'm getting a bit tipsy. lol
(I got really tired and just one glass of beer made me tipsy! lol)

For those people who happened to find my entry here, please forgive me if this doesn't make anv sence, but don't forget to correct this into natural English!

Thank you!