Beverly Hills Cop

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Feb 22, 2014 17:59
I watched "Beverly Hills Cop" today with my husband.

You might think that why we watched a old film like that ( I meant "old" in a good way), it was just because we wanted to wacth some films that L.A was used as a location.

We couldn't find any latest movies in a rental store other than "Beverly Hills Cop".

I suppose there were actually more recent ones, but we were terrible with finding something out. lol

We watched from series 1 straight up to 3.

I bet series 1 was the best.

My husband said best series for him was 2.

We stayed in a hotel in Beverly Hills when we were in the States, so it was kind of exciting to see what we actually saw were usued as a location.

They weren't so many, though.

I want to watch another films that L.A was used as a location^^