I think it's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Jun 25, 2014 19:23
Hi, there.
It was raining on and off today.
There's no way I can do about it because it's rainy season, but I really want it to be sunny.
When will the rainy season be over?

I came across this article when I was searching on the Internet. ↓↓


The article is about a sneering againt a female politician when she was giving a speech during a session, and it's not only happening to her, but also there're lots of female politicians suffering from jeers made by fellow politicians. (It's not always male, though.)

What do you think about the article?

In my limited unexperienced opinion, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.
It's not just the problem of politicians because I guess there are more women who once have experienced similar sneerings in their workplace.

I once had similar experience when I was a high school student preparing for entrance exams for university. One day my father told me that I should get married and have a baby as soon as possible intead of going to a university. I was really surprised what he had said to me! Although he didn't say it to hurt my feeling, it was the biggest shock for me that I'd ever experienced.

At this time, I realized what the sociaty would expect women to be: It's not successing in business, but getting married and having a baby.

Having a baby would be a really wonderful experience that men could never have.
However, we have lots of choices when making decisions and we have to be flexible and respectable for each choice that people would make.
Having a baby is one choice among all of alternatives we have in life.

I wish the sociaty would change to a place where no one would be sneered due to their ways to live.

I don't know if I could write what I really mean, but I'll be glad if you read it all.