A day when it rained dogs and cats!

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Mar 16, 2014 15:39
I haven't been checking this site for a past couple of days because I was busy with my work. I had to work even on Saturday because I had to attend an event that my company was hosting.
It's Sunday today, and the weather is really great.
However, I don't feel like going out. Instead, I've desided to relax at home. :)

I'm going to write about the worst experience for a past week.
It was three days ago, and it rained dogs and cats when I just went outside to go home from my workplace. It was windly as well. I thought it was like a storm coming. Apparently there was no storm coming, though.
I had my folding umbrella because the weather forecast had reported there would be a chance to rain in evening. So, I started to walk to the station putting up my unbrella.
Actually my sight wasn't clear enough to see an inch ahead because it rained dogs and cats and I had to hold my umbrella tightly or it would blow away by the strong wind. Sometimes my unbrella turned inside out by the wind. lol
I got soaking wet by the time when I got to the station.
I was releived when I got to the station, though, because I wouldn't have to walk any more in rain and wind.
I didn't know at that time this was not over, though.
I got on the train and it started. It was running slower than it usually does because of the heavy rain and wind. When the train arrived at a staion on a way, there was an announce saying the train had to stop operating for a while because of the strong wind and rain!
I couldn't beleive that because I wanted to go home as fast as possible.
They said they would restart operating at 10 pm, and it was 9 pm when the train stopped woking. I wasn't sure if I could stand waiting for the train to restart an hour later. So, I called my husband to pick me up. He picked me up about 30 minutes
later, and I could finally go home.
It took me 3 hours to go home! It would have been half as much time as it actually did if it hadn't rained dogs and cats.
I was exhauted on that day.X(

That's all about the worst experiece for a past week.
Bye. :)