A lot will change in my life!

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Mar 26, 2017 23:53
It's been a month since I posted here, and my life has changed dramatically!
Right now, I'm really busy packing things because our family is moving in 2 weeks. Since my husband was told to transfer a month ago, we've been busy running errands for moving to a new place. (Is this a right usage of ”running errands"?)

To be honest, I wanted to stay here longer because it's just been two months since we moved to our place now. (We just came here in January because the rent fee is really reasonable.) And I have to leave my workplace now, which is the biggest shock of recent for me as I'm getting the hang of it after a year.

But my first priority is my family, and I have to move on!

People around me have been asking me if I'm going to find a job around the new place, but my honest feelings right now hasn't reached to the point to think about it.
I have other thoughts about my son. Since my son is starting to enjoy being away from me at his daycare, I don't know if it's good to get back to the me and my son life...

Well, too much thinking makes nothing so I'll just do what I have to do!

After moving, I might be here more often than before because I'm thinking of taking an
Eiken first grade test. (Eiken is an English test in Japan.)

See how my life goes!