Problems of My English

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Nov 11, 2016 23:24
I don't know if you get what I mean, but I'd like to say that ever since I started to learn English, I've been feeling that learning languages is like stepping into a paddle that has no ends. There's no such a thing as an obvious goal. Once you get over something that you've been struggling with, there comes another obstacles that will prevent you from going up to a higher level. Let's say you remenbered hundreds of new vocabulary, and you're confident that you think you learned enough. But then, your confidence will collapse because you'll notice that there are another hundreds of vocabulary you have to remenber.

But I've been doing pretty good with remenbering, and I thought I learned how to write in English here. So, I kand of had confident with my English, but now, I feel that I'm awful with my English. There are lots of problems with my English, but one of the biggest problems is that lacking of practicing. I haven't put much effort in speaking English with someone else, so I think my conversation skills are really low.
When I try to say in English, the first thought that comes up in my mind is always in Japanese, which makes me difficult to respond in English. So, I have to do some output in English! I know this is something that I've had for many

If you know any good way to practice speaking, please teach me!

Thank you for reading my post.