Bad fortune? Maybe the horoscope is telling us right!

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Jun 28, 2014 17:37
Hi, there:)
It was raining on and off again. Honestly, I'm sick of this weather and can't seem to be stand this humidity anymore. Hope it goes right away and look forward to summer coming! I heard that they had announced rainly season is over in Okinawa (southern island), and hopefully it'll be over soon here. I miss sunny days so much:)

If you haven't lived in Japan, it might sound strange but horoscopes are pretty popular. All of magazines published in Japan have pages of horoscopes (
actually, I've never saw a maggazine without it!), even TV shows (especially morning show) tell us horoscopes! It's kind of like our daily routine to watch horoscopes on TV before going to school/work wether we believe it or not. I think most of Japanese people watching the horoscopes don't take it seriously, but it's fun.

When I was watching a morning TV show with my husband, there was a horoscope same as usual. I'm Gemini, and he's the Ram. Usually horoscopes on TV tell us our fortune depending on what star charts you are, and rank them from 1 to 12. Rank 1 is the best and rank 12 is the worst. Gemini was ranked at 7 today which I thought was okay, and the Ram was the worst! Since it didn't mean that my husband was going to have a totally bad day because it's just a horoscope. So, we laughed a lot.

However, the horoscope might have been right!
Let me write what happened to him.
My husband went out alone today to buy a jacket. Couples of hours later, he got back and told me that he had to give up to buy a jacket. I asked him why he had to and he answered that just as he went thought a ticket gate at a station, a screw of his watch's band took off and he almost dropped his watch! Being unable to tighten the band again, he headed straight to a watch store and got it repaired, unfortunately costing him a lot more money than he thought, he ended up letting a jacket go this time and got back home.

Hearing his story, I realized that the horoscope of today was maybe telling us right.
It's worth believing actually.

It's a bit funny how he had to give up a jacket, though.

By the way, it took me half and an hour to write this post. I want to be able to write a post faster someday.