It really works on me. :)

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Mar 13, 2014 00:10
It was not as cold as yesterday in the morning.
However, I felt some chill wind on the way to a nearest station.

It took me a bit longer than yesterday to finish my work today, so it was already around 9 pm when I got home.

Soon after I came home, I went out to throw piles of cans at a garbage dump which was located by our apartment. They will pick up recyclable garbages like cans on Thursdays, which I always forget and because of that, cans have been piling up. lol
I'm relieved because I could throw cans at last. :)

And then, I started to preparing for dinner. It was rather easy for me to prepare for dinner today because I didn't have to do it for my husband. He told me that he would be late to come home because of his work and he wouldn't need any dinner. So, I made a relatively easy dish for me.

I finished taking a bath now.
My hair has been in an extremely good condition ever since I started to use a new shampoo and a conditioner. As I wrote before, they have feminine sakura scents, which I really love. I didn't expect that these products could work on my hair that much because they were much cheaper than those I used before. Texture of my hair has became softer and smoother, and even much silkier.
Its scents isn't too strong, which is also one of the good things about the products.
They really work on my hair, and I think I should keep using them.

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