Do you think you can eat them all?

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Feb 26, 2014 23:22
I'm going to post about "foods in the states" today because I've found that foods in Japan and foods in the States is very different.

If you've ever been to the States, then I think you might know what I'm talking about, but in a restaurant in the States, the quantities of foods are above our imaginations!

We went to a very famous staek restaurant in Beverly Hills while we were on honeymoon. It was a very popular one among locals and we didn't reserve any seats, so we had to wait for an hour until they were ready to serve us.
It had a room for those who were waiting for their seats like us, and more, it also served us some delicious meatballs and chips for free.

Ok. I know what you're thinking now.
As you're expecting, I got kind of full at this point when we were waiting for our seats.

Then, about an hour later, they finally took us to the seats, and we ordered steaks for each.
We didn't imagine that they were that big at first, but when we got dishes we'd ordered, we realized that we had been underestimated them, which turned out to be a big mistakes.

I asked my husband if he could eat them all, but I didn't get a clear answer from him.

As I said before, I was already kind of full since I'd had lots of meatballs and chips, I didn't think that I could eat them all.

I thought the portions were above our imaginations.

I did enjoy the steak, though. It was soft and tasty.

A waitress gave me a to-go box so that I could take them out.

Yes, I had to leave a half portions of the steaks.
Surprisingly, my husband managed to eat them all.

One of the differences that I noticed during the stay in the States is portions of foods.
I thought Americans were big eaters ( sorry, I'm not intended to offend those who are Americans:( ) , but I saw some Americans leaving their foods and taking them home with a doggy bag. Taking remains of foods is not comon in Japan when eating out in a restaurant. So, this is another difference I found in the States.

As I wrote this entry, I'm not quite sure what I initially wanted to post
It might be hard to read them all, and I'd like to thank those of you who would finish to this point in advance^^