Parenting isn't Easy!

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Feb 5, 2016 14:14
When I took my son to a playroom where we always go today, something bothered me happened.
The playroom is in a nursury, and very helpful for me having lots of toys that we don't have, and there's always a childcare worker, so I get to talk to her anything about my son.
Today as my son was playing with a wooden car, he headed toward to stairs and tried to climb them with the car in his hand. I thought it might be dangerous having a toy in his hand when he was climbing up, so I took the toy telling him that he couldn't bring the toy with him. Then he started to cry.

He got really upset to the point where nothing helped. He was literaly out of my control.

He's just 1 year old, so telling him right or wrong isn't always working because he's not able to understand everything I say. But, it doesn't mean I can allow him anything he does.

I've always found that this is the most difficult part of parenting. I've been keep telling myself that I have to stand strong when I tell him off. However, I feel like I'm just mean to him especially when he gets meltdown like that.

He's very mischievous and strong. So I also have to be stronger than ever as he grows.