A defendant Sato stated that he has been an enthusiastic fan for th...

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Oct 9, 2019 15:06
A defendant Sato stated that he has been an enthusiastic fan for the victim woman and he has identified a place where she lived based on the scenery reflected in her pupils of the female face photo posted on SNS. Besides, watching the video delivered by the woman on SNS, he knew the position of the woman's room from the position of the curtains and how the windows were lit.

The performance of current smartphone cameras is super ultra high, isn’t it? It is scary. There are many kinds of smartphones with a high performance camera with more than 20 million pixels, but can we enlarge any photos? If you enlarge a photo, a face of the adulterous lover of your husband may come up(^^) Did you broke into a cold sweat?

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今のスマホのカメラの性能がいい、これは怖いことなんですね。2000万画素以上のカメラを搭載したスマホは沢山あるけど、写真をどれだけでも引き伸ばせるんでしょうね?写真を拡大したら、浮気相手の顔が浮かび上がるかもしれませんね(^^) 冷汗が.....(^^;;