Paris Trip: The First Day (Part2)

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May 15, 2019 19:21 trip
Paris Trip: The First Day (Part2)
パリ旅行 1日目 (パート2)

My husband and I visited London and Paris during the extended Golden Week.

I've been writing about it each day.

This day we moved from London on to Paris.

This is about our first day in Paris (Part 2).
これがパリでの最初の日(Part 2) になります。


At the Paris station, we looked for an information centre to buy the Paris Museum Pass for a long time.
(The Paris Museum Pass: )

Rumour has it that French people don't usually speak English even though they can do it, so in Japanese, my husband asked a question to a female clerk at a ticket office. I was looking at them from a distance. After he left there, the woman was shrugging her shoulders and talked to her co-worker. I thought she must say something like, "I didn't understand what he said." I thought it was a nice try. Joking!^^

"Okay, it's my turn. Let me try!" I started speaking to people in English one after another. Some people didn't speak English, but the person I spoke to asked one next to her in French, and a black man another side of next to her said to me, "I do speak English a little." Even though he asked a clerk at a ticket office instead of me, unfortunately, he didn't get the information what I expected to know. So, we went to the downstairs anyway.

Next, I spoke to an Asian looking woman in English. When I looked at her face, I noticed that SHE was a crossdresser because SHE had a slight moustache. It wasn't what I surprised. She immediately replied to me in Japanese. I said to her, "Awesome! Your Japanese is amazing!" I'm sure she could have passed N1 of JLPT.

In the end, we finally discovered the information centre, but unfortunately, we didn't get to buy The Paris Museum Pass because it was closed.

Anyway, we went to our hotel, took a rest a little, and went out to see Arc de Triomphe. On the Meteo, I sat on a seat. When my husband said to me, "Oh, we might get off this train and transfer to the different line because the light on the train map was off."
Suddenly, a young man sitting next to me talked to us, "Yes, you should get it off at XXXXX station because today is the annual demonstration of May Day." in Japanese. "Oh my..., you can speak Japanese very well! I'm very impressed!" I said. He told us that he studied Japanese at Jochi University in Japan a couple of years ago. His Japanese was also at an advanced level. Wow! How popular Japanese language is! ^^

Because of the closing for protection for terrorism, there were the policemen standing and carrying a gun near every popular sightseeing spot. we walked to Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées and Place de la Concorde, but unfortunately, they were all closed that day, so we enjoyed taking pictures with them and even the Eiffel Tower in the background.

We also went to a cafe. The garçon(waiter) spoke English very kindly and politely to us, and told us that we could buy the Paris museum pass at some of the souvenir shops.

We had some tough times that day, but the town was very impressive with avenues of marronnier trees with lovely flowers.

I'm sorry I wrote such a long entry, again.
Thank you for reading!
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