My Unforgettable 30 Days

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Jul 12, 2019 00:31
I read one of my friend's entry on Lang-8 yesterday.

In it, she posted her voice entry in Japanese and had done well.

It reminded me of my 30-Day Challenge on Lang-8.

Looking back at those entries, I was surprised to see that the first one was four years ago today!

I still remember how I had been feeling during the time I was practicing speaking with the passages from one of my book.

To be honest, I got frustrated and depressed with my unalterable Japanese accent and bad pronunciation as soon as I started challenging myself.

However, some of my good friends listened to my voice recordings and left their nice comments and advice.

So, I didn't want to give up halfway and managed to complete it.

Had it not been for their encouragement, I couldn't have finished the work.

I know my English speaking abilities haven't improved that much, but I was satisfied with the achievement in the end.

This TED Talks video inspired me to try and do something I always wanted to do. (3:27)
TED Talks: 30 Day Challenge

My 30-Day Challenge: Day 1 "Do you still have your umbilical cord?"

Unfortunately, you can't listen to my voice recordings because the Vocaroo site has already deleted them. ^^;