The Test is Done! What a Relief!

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Oct 22, 2017 22:06
Today I took the Japanese language teaching competency test at Kansai Sangyo University. Although I had been concentrating on preparing for it until today, the test was much more difficult than I expected.

When I opened the first page of the test, I saw some questions related to phonetics, which I haven’t learned in my Japanese class yet. I thought like, “Uh-oh, not my day?” To get a good score in the listening section, I've solved a lot of these problems from past tests, but I think I failed. That just reminded me that I felt the same feelings after taking my first TOEIC test about ten years ago. I think I should have prepared for the test more seriously.

However, one thing I was satisfied that I was able to complete my short essay by using exactly 400 Japanese letters in a manuscript paper called "Genko yoshi" as a requirement in the final question. I don't think the content of my essay suited to the question very well.

Anyways, because of the typhoon, we had bad weather conditions such as strong wind, heavy rain today. Thanks to my husband, I didn't have to take any public transportations, and I had less stressed out other than the test.

Well... what will I do tomorrow? I'm finally free!