Never Too Late to Learn

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Feb 10, 2019 19:29 hula
I learned how to do stage makeup in my hula class two weeks ago.

It was really interesting.

I normally put my makeup on whenever I go out or meet someone.

Not surprisingly, I've put makeup on by myself for years.

However, I had never used eyeliner and fake eyelashes.

Considering my hectic first recital morning, I've been practicing using an eyeliner recently.

I think I've been getting accustomed to doing it.

However, I have some barriers to wearing very long and thick fake eyelashes.

As I've already told you before, one day when I was tried on my recital dress and about to start practicing dancing at home, the postman came.

Immediately, I wore a long coat over the dress and opened the door.

He might have thought that I was a weird woman.

Though the similar happen might occur, it's time for me to start practicing wearing fake eyelashes.

I'm probably going to do it before the hula class on Thursday.

I hope I won't bump into my neighbors and ex-coworkers that day.

Anyway, I hope I can hear my family or friends saying "You did a great job!" after our performance on the recital.

I've been learning many new things to be better as well as English recently.

I wish my English also could be "good", not "passable" someday.

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