Pray for Success in Love!

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Apr 18, 2015 22:35
In my previous entry, I wrote about Wagashi class in Kyoto. Today, I’d like to continue to write about the tour in Kyoto with my friends.

After we left a Japanese confectionary called Kansyun-do, we went to Kiyomize-dera. My American friend had been to the temple before, but had never visited Jishu-jinja until that day. I wanted to take him around there.

Jishu-jinja is also located on the Kiyomizu-dera grounds. It is on just left side of the famous stage of Kiyomizu. I heard Jishu-jinja is the best popular place in Kyoto for those seeking love. The god may help you if you visit there to wish finding a partner. Couples may also visit to wish for getting on very well together forever.

Here is a love fortune-telling you can try at the shrine.
There are two special stones on the ground. They are known as 'Koi uranai-no-Ishi', meaning love fortune-telling stones, stand 10 meters from the shrine precinct and it is believed that closing your eyes and walking from one stone to the other will bring true love.

The shrine was crowded when we arrived, but I told him to give it a try the love fortune-telling anyway. Thanks to all nice Japanese visitors there, no sooner he started to walk toward the other side of stones with his eyes closed than the path had been immediately wide opened. Fortunately, he could arrive at the goal! I can tell you that many people there were looking forward to watching over the ending of his achievement successfully. Looking at some photos my Japanese friend took for him, it is obvious that people look happy to see the situation. Anyway, I wish his desire comes true soon.

You never know how something will turn out until you've given it a try. If you have a chance to visit Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto and would be wishing to find a partner, Jishu-jinja would be worth visiting.