How Lucky am I!

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Aug 1, 2017 23:57
How Lucky am I!

As a matter of fact, I’ve been increasing many new friends in the world. As I wrote in my previous entry, I had been feeling down about my friendship on Lang-8 for the last few months. Because of this, instead of using Lang-8, I log in and use HelloTalk more often than before, and meet many good people on the app. Some of the friends frequently send me messages and we enjoy texting chatting back and forth. They live in Canada, Jamaica, Maldives, Hawaii, Korea and many different states in America. They often share some pictures of beautiful scenery and delicious foods with me. I can’t stop thinking about how lucky am I.

One of the Canadian friends is in Tokyo for his trip now. He came to Osaka with his friend first two weeks ago. On July 24th, I went with him and his friends from Canada to Kaiyukan, which is one of the largest aquariums in the world. After that, he said me, “I think my favorite place up to now was the aquarium. I’m super happy that you took us there.” I was very glad to hear that.

Not only that I have been making friends from abroad, but I have also steadily increasing new Japanese friends. All of the friends are very nice and friendly. I meet new people in my Japanese class. Most of my classmates lived abroad, have been to different countries, or have been teaching foreigners Japanese in the local area. They inspire me a lot in some ways. How lucky am I!



カナダ人の友人の一人は、今東京にいます。彼は2週間前に初めて友人と大阪に来ました。 7月24日、彼とその友人と一緒に世界最大規模の水族館、「海遊館」に行きました。その後、彼は私に言ってくれました。「今のところ、私のお気に入りの場所は海遊館だったと思う。あなたが私たちをそこに連れて行ってくれて、とても嬉しい。」私はそれが聞けて、本当に嬉しかったです。