Old Maid

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Dec 2, 2019 01:00
One of my American friends told me about a card game called Old Maid.

He explained how to play it a little.

At the beginning of the game, you take out three queens and all jokers.

So, the queen is the only one without a match.

Frankly speaking, the game's name is kind of mean because the term is an expression for a middle-aged or older unmarried woman.

Japanese people play a similar card game called "baba-nuki."

When I searched for its explanation in English, I noticed there is a variation called "jiji-nuki."

Please take a look at the site below.


Anyway, have you ever played a similar card game with your friends or family?

One of baba's definitions means old woman in Japanese, but "old maid" means a woman who missed the marriage boat.

He asked me if there is the same expression in Japanese.

I hesitatingly told him the word "ikiokure", which isn't common because it's used sarcastically as well as jokingly.

So, please don't use it in the presence of unmarried women of a certain age. ^^