I replied to my friend about "Chikan".

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Mar 15, 2014 21:52
”Chikan" sometimes appears in Japan . You know why? Trains are incredibly always crowded , especially during the rush hours in the early morning in Japan. The passengers jostle each other in the overcrowded train. Sadly, a man who does unwanted or improper sexual activities called "Chikan" touches women's body . Of course girls and women are afraid of Chikan.

On the other hand, if a girl or woman said that a man absolutely touched her body, he might get arrested by police for a false charge of Chikan, unfortunately. Even though he didn't do anything bad at all. It is very sad.

I often tell my son, " If you got on a crowded train, you should show your hands up to everybody like holding your bag on your chest. Don't move. Stand up straight."
Sometimes a bag touches a girl's legs or butt and she might feel that somebody touched her body.

I think some railway companies offer women-only passenger cars during rush hours to avoid that kind of troubles.