I Like to Talk to New People

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Nov 18, 2018 23:02
I went to a Tenrikyo church in Kyoto to see my Japanese friend from California today.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenrikyo )

Every time she comes to Japan for the duty of her religion, I go to see her at Tenrikyo Church Headquarters in Nara.

This year was special because a church, which she'd belonged to in Kyoto, celebrated its 100 year anniversary.

The ceremony started at 10 a.m. I arrived there five minutes later, but it was okay because I'm not a Tenrikyo follower, so I sat in a seat far back of the room. People prayed like singing short songs with their hand motions.

At the lunchtime, my friend introduced me to her husband and a Japanese woman, who is the mother of her third son's fiancée. The mother asked me to sit next to my friend's husband because he is Chinese American and can't speak Japanese well. Actually, I really enjoyed talking with him. He talked about his three sons and two grandchildren, his hobbies, wildfires in California and even about the place where he and his wife met at the first time. Honestly, I wanted to listen to more if we had enough time. A bad thing was that the environment was too noisy at that moment because some people from children to adults were performing music and songs one after another.

When the event was finally over, that Japanese mother asked me whether if I could participate her daughter's wedding in California. The groom, my friend's third son, often came over my house to help my son with his homework. So, I wish I could see his wedding.

However, I was surprised because I just met her a few hours ago. She lives in Tottori Prefecture, and she was going to stay at her apartment in Osaka tonight. She even invited me to visit and stay at her house in Tottori. What a friendly woman she was! I like to talk to new people. Most of the people I meet are always fascinating!

If she seriously invites me to the wedding, what should I do? Just thinking about it, I have a butterfly in my stomach.

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