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Nov 28, 2018 18:18 gym
I started going to a new gym yesterday. The gym was great. I felt happy about several advantages in going there.

First, the gym provides two apps to support your healthcare and to improve your body shape individually. I'm not really used to using them yet, but I should take advantage of the good service.

Secondly, it has a swimming pool, and you can take some lessons, such as "aqua dance." Actually, the two aqua dance classes I took yesterday were fun, so I will continue to enjoy dancing in the water. Since my knees had been hurt, I shouldn't have taken aerobics and Zumba at my previous gym. It is said that walking in the water would be the best for someone who has knee pain, but to me, it seems to be bored.

The last, there was a Jacuzzi beside the swimming pool. In addition, there was also a big bathtub. Sinking in the bathtub, I felt very relaxed and refreshed as if I were in the "gokuraku (heaven in English).”

Aw, what's more, I got a 70% off coupon for esthetic treatments and some presents from the gym. Terrific!

The reason I go to the gym is challenging and saying to myself, "Stay young forever. Mrs. beautiful!"