"I just wanted to run it by you."

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Apr 25, 2015 22:29
Today, I learned a phrase, “I just wanted to run it by you” from a video on Gaba Style. I usually enjoy watching the videos on a podcast called “Gaba G Style English.” It is very enjoyable for me to learn English by them. I also like to hear some teachers’ feelings about living in Japan or how they learned Japanese who work for the Gaba English Conversation School.

Today’s new phrases were “I just wanted run it by you” and “I don’t dislike it.”

You can watch and listen to a skit twice. First, you watch the video without subtitles. Two women explain about the dialogues. After that, the second time you can watch it with both English and Japanese subtitles.

I liked the conversation between a Japanese hostess, Akiko and a female English teacher, Diana. It was quite fun. I was able to understand almost everything about what they talked. At the beginning of their talks, I immediately thought what a cute voice Diana had. Akiko also admired Diana that her voice was too cute to concentrate to understand what Diana had said as same as I have mentioned.

Akiko asked Diana some questions for her.
“You're probably popular with men, right? ”
“Why are you able to speak Japanese very fluently and pronounce words perfectly?”
“When did you start learning Japanese?”
“Do you sing songs?”
“What kinds of songs do you like to sing?
“Are you a professional singer?”

One thing I thought very funny was Akiko’s saying,“Nattoku seehengana!(なっとくせえへんがな!)”in Osaka dialect. It means that “It does not convince me” or “I can't accept that.”

Whenever Akiko talks with other teachers who are working for the English conversation school, she often makes me laugh.

By the way, if I were a young man and I were taking teacher Diana’s lessons, I would study English really hard because I would want to hear her praise with her cute voice. Would you think so?

Sorry, I wrote too long.
You don’t have to correct the blow. It’s just my note.


“I just wanted run it by you.”

Shoot  : OK, go ahead.どうぞ始めて。, Feel free to speak. いいよ、聞かせて。
※( Oh,shoot!!! あーもう!)
Offbeat :different kind of ideas, it’s not a regular kind of ideas. 普通じゃない。
to bring ~ around  : ~を説得する、意見を変えさせる。
no such a thing as : ~なんてものはない
quarky      : 突飛な、奇妙な、風変わりな
I don’t dislike it.   : 悪くないと思うよ。嫌いじゃないよ。
bring it up~    : 議題にする
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