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Aug 12, 2017 19:53
I’ve been taking a class to learn how to teach Japanese to people from other countries since April.

My teacher tells us that it is important to find out a good way to teach Japanese from the non-Japanese' point of view.

We use two different textbooks called, “Minna no Nihongo” for beginner level learners and “New Approach Japanese Intermediate Course” for intermediate level learners.

I recently learned how to teach Minna no Nihongo lesson 25.

The next class after the Bon holidays, I’m going to make my mock teaching lesson.

To tell you the truth, it will be my fourth time to do that.

However, I don't still have confidence in my teaching.

I have to prepare for the lesson such as making my teaching plan and some flash cards and practice teaching well while measuring the time with a stopwatch to end within the predetermined time.

A twenty-minute lesson would be good.

In the lesson, I should be careful not to speak any words and any expressions which the learners would not learn yet.

Last time, I carelessly slipped out new expression right after introducing myself and got a feedback from my teacher.

I was supposed to say, “今日は、19課を勉強します。“ in Japanese, but I said, “今日は、19課を勉強したいと思います。”

The grammar of “~したいと思います。” was obviously difficult for the learners because it would be taught in lesson 21.

Also, I need to write all words and all sentences neatly, and to put furigana above every kanji on the whiteboard, and to make eye contact with all learners, and stuff like that.

By the way, some of my classmates were or are educators, and I think their mock teaching lessons were very effective and professional.

Well, since I don't have any plans during my Bon holiday, I will have a lot of time to prepare for my next lesson.

I'll do my best!



初級レベル学習者用の『みんなの日本語』、中級レベル学習者用の『ニューアプローチ 中級日本語』、2種類の教科書を使います。














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