A Simple Expression Always Puts Me in a Pickle

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Sep 16, 2019 16:12 Grammar phrases
When someone gives me a new expression, I always want to know the meaning well and use it myself.

However, I get in a pickle at times because I don't understand it well.

For example, I know how to use both phrases "very big" and "too big," but I didn't know the expression "Much too big a job!" until one of my friends used.
たとえば、「very big(非常に大きい)」と「too big,(大き過ぎる)」のフレーズの使い方は知っていますが、「Much too big a job!」という表現は友達が使うまで知りませんでした。

I thought I understood the nuance of its meaning, but the word order was very complicated for me.

It's an inverted sentence, isn't it?

a job ⇛ a big job ⇛ a too big job( = a very big job) ⇛ too big + a job ⇛ much + too big a job

So, "Much too big a job!" means "a very very very big job!", right?
だから、Much too big a job!は、A very very very big job! ですよね?

I want to learn the grammar of inversion.

Would it be possible to give me some simple example sentences?