Let's Make Wagashi in Kyoto!

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Apr 12, 2015 00:20
As I already wrote on a previous entry, my friend came from America to Japan last month. He had been traveling some places in Japan by himself before I met him at JR Kyoto station on Saturday 28th.

I really wanted to tour him around where he was interested in Kyoto, so I asked him where to go or what to do in advance. Then I searched and found a place, and made a reservation on the internet. For making his wish, we went to a Japanese confectionary, Kansyun-do, which is located near Kiyomizu-dara temple, to learn and make wagashi. Kyoto’s wagashi have a refined appearance and taste.

During the class, a wagashi artisan, who was in charge of a group we belonged to was nice and friendly. He told the participants what to do and not to do and demonstrated how to make the shapes of wagashi beautiful. We made four different types of wagashi. That was so much fun. To turn out okay in the end, our handmade wagashi shapes were not nearly close to the artisan’s ones though. The shapes were not very good, but tastes were exactly the same and delicious. I truly felt that I got a wonderful experience. If my friend did not give me the idea, I might never have done such a joyful experience in my life.

Though I should have said earlier, fortunately, I have many Japanese friends who are learning English and can speak English well. One of the friends who lives in and is familiar with Kyoto joined the tour with us that day. Without her help, I think our tour in Kyoto was not successful.

Kansyun-do ( You can see some wagashi here on this site.)