Eco-friendly Straws (エコなストロー)

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Feb 14, 2020 14:38 news
It has been said that plastic straws are guilty for environmental pollution because they won’t biodegrade.

Some restaurants recently started to serve paper straws instead of them.

One of my friends complained that it tasted terrible.

I myself tried it and it did taste like paper or wood, which ruined the drink.

It reminded me of the taste of a wood stick an ice candy was on.

When I was a child, I used to keep licking and chewing the stick after having eaten the ice candy.

Even though it was kind of nostalgic, I didn’t like paper straws.

The other day, I watched a TV show that introduced edible straws.

They are made of special cookie, which was developed to be sustainable in cold drink for a while.

They looked good and made me want to try one.

Later, I googled and found some articles about other eco-friendly straws.

Some are edible, some are made from real wheat straw, other are reusable.

I hope some of them are good enough to spread all over the world.