At the hotel : part 2 (ホテルにて その2)

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Jan 21, 2019 12:09 experience trip
At the hotel : part 1 (ホテルにて その1)

Then late at night, another staffer called me and said they had accidentally given too much money to me.

She eagerly tried to explain and make it straight.

Probably she was quite upset about her colleague’s mistakes and obsessed with getting the money back from me.

However, I was uncomfortable.

She said that I had to return more than 10,000 yen.

According to her, since I altered my plan from four nights to one night, I got unable to use the coupon.

I was not fully convinced but it was too late at night to talk more, I asked her to wait until next morning.

Next morning, when I checked out, she showed me the chart of what I’d payed first, what they had returned, and what I should have payed.

I thought she was right after all, but I was still uncomfortable.

I said that since you guys repeatedly made mistakes and bothered me, at least you could release me from the penalty of cancellations.

She accepted it, simply saying okay.

After I left, I couldn’t help thinking about this incident.

How come I felt so unhappy?

Then I realized that they didn’t apologized to me at all.

I didn’t do anything wrong.

I just received what they gave me.

And later, it looked like they started accusing me for getting too much money from them.

The first thing they should have done was apologizing to me for their mistakes.

If they had done that, I wouldn’t have felt that uncomfortable.