At the hotel : part 1 (ホテルにて その1)

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Jan 21, 2019 12:07 experience trip
Last week, I was on vacation.

I had booked a hotel for four nights, but after I got there, I changed my mind.

I decided to stay there for just one night and cancel for other three nights.

I thought I wanted to go somewhere else rather than staying so long at the same hotel.

I told a staff member at the front desk about my cancellation.

Now he was to return the money back to me.

It was quite complicated about the refund because the prices differed each day even for the same room.

Plus, I was using points I had and a discount coupon.

I wondered how much I would be able to get as a refund.

The amount of money I was given back turned out to be more than I had expected, so I was happy.

A few hours later, he called on my room and offered even more money saying he had made a mistake about the calculation.

I was a little puzzled but received it.

―To be continued. (続く)

At the hotel : part 2 (ホテルにて その2)