The Age of Adeline

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Jan 25, 2018 06:24
It's been a while since I watched a movie I enjoyed. That's why I was pleased when I discovered "The Age of Adeline". It was good to lost myself in a human story, without super-heroes, crazy fights, or explosions.

Adeline is a woman who suffers an accident that makes her stop getting old. What seems like a blessing, is also a curse, since she have to leave everything behind and live a lonely life for fear of being discovered.

We watch Adeline, perpetually frozen as a twenty-something, interacting with her daughter, when both can pass as sisters, and after her daughter has reached the seventies. Blake Lively, the actress who plays Adaline, offers an excellent performance, transmitting maturity, elegance and parsimony beyond her real age.

It was very refreshing to watch a human history, the relationship mother-daughter, the sense of self-imposed social isolation, and the doubts of the protagonist about finding a partner under her strange circumstances.

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