Minor renewal in the Notebook feature

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Jan 22, 2009 01:45 announcement newfeature lang-8staff
Dear Lang-8 users,

Thank you for always supporting Lang-8. I'm Kazuki.
Tonight we had a minor renewal in the Notebook feature. Click on the icon appeared below each journal comment and you can tag them to your own Notebook.
As some of our users say in the FeatureRequest page, journal comments we receive are sometimes full of wisdoms and of great value. So, why don't you TAG IT & KEEP IT to your own Notebook for further studying. The Notebook feature let you easily review those worthful notes.
We are also paying notice on another requests about Notebook posted on the FeatureRequest page. It may be take time to implement all of them, but we will continue doing our best to satisfy all requests.

Lang-8 staff
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