lang-8 got renewed !

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Feb 12, 2008 23:39

Thank you for using lang-8 !
I have a good news.
As you see, lang-8 got renewed !

【And there are new functions.】

1, You can show your diaries(entries) to Internet, if you want.
2, You can show your topics in groups to Inaternet, if you want.
3, We added Korean interface to lang-8.
4, We added Spanish interface to lang-8 (it is not translated enough)

*The past diaries, topics in group, your profile and photos are not open to Internet.
So, don't worry about it.
Of course if you want to let them shown to Internet, you can^^

*If you comment to a diary or a topic which is shown to Internet,
your comment will be shown to Internet,too.

*Before you log-in lang-8, some functions are limited.
If you click those buttons, you will go "log-in page" automatically.

*You can setting your profile here.

If you have find any bugs or suggestion, please mail to

Thank you very much for using lang-8 !!