STOP THE SLANG ! a call to spanish native speakers

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May 5, 2013 08:14
Spanish can be a very tricky language to learn so much so that I have to apologize to all learners of this language because they can get confuse all the time and here is the reason why: If you are learning this language and are taking lessons in Spain or with a teacher from that country you will hit your head at the wall if later you try to speak Spanish with any latin american speaker.With not intent to offend any one AND I MEAN IT.. no one besides people from spain speak its Spanish. If you are learning in the US and you happend to have a porto rican teacher he or she may teach you some words you wont find anyplace else out of caribean countries.
Any ways the diferences you can find in our language can make a long list as long as the "thirty something" countries where they speak Spanish.
Now.. all what I want to say to Spanish speakers when it comes to correct entries in this site is to be aware of the slang each of us use and do not correct and entry using it or do not forget to correct them whenever you see them in an entry, even if it sounds normal to you. Keep in mind to teach as neutral as you can possible be. If there other options you can offer to the learner you can post it but state clear that is another option that can suit in the context of the sentence so the student will nurture its vocabulary.
I just saw an entry the word ENTRADA meaning as POST OR ENTRY .... please people!! in Spanish we do not have such use of this word. As far as I know we write UNA REDACCION- UN ARTICULO-o UN ENSAYO o UN ESCRITO but not "una entrada" A lot of countries from north and central south america are getting used to mix Spanish and English so much so that they´ve created what it is called SPANGLISH. spanglish is slang. Just because we are very used to slang does not mean it is the best option to teach learner of spanish. I could list many word to give samples but I think you have all got my point :)
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