A Free Gift Caused a Stir 景品が問題になった

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Jul 26, 2019 15:54
A TV report showed that people get angry at a fast fashion retailer.

The reason is the company's online store put a diet bar as a sample when people ordered their clothes.

The diet bar's manufacturer teamed up with the clothing compnay in order to promote their products.

However, the customers, most of them are young women felt offended because it seemed like that the clothing company urged us to loose weight.

One woman said in the interveiw, "I don't want be said about my weight by the company. It is none of your business."

When the TV reporter asked young Japanese women how do they think about it, their comments were mostly positive.

One woman said, "I would feel happy because I can get the bar for free. I can save money"

Another woman said, "The bar would give me insentive to lost weight. The company seems to send me a message saying lose weight so that you can dress up our clothes."

It shows how women's thoughts were different depending on the country.

Japanese women are not as sensitive to being said about their physical appearance as Amercian women.
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