Environment Changes People 環境は人を変える

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Aug 11, 2019 11:03
I heard from my mother that one of my relatives, who is 86 years old, had broken her spine.

She lives with her husband, but when my mother called him, she didn't get enough information because he is too old. (He has difficulties hearing.)

Since the couple has a daugher who lives nearby, my mother aked me to get in touch with her.

Her daugher and I played a lot when we were children, but now we are just Facebook "friend".

I sent her a message through Facebook.

She replied to me that her mother is hospitalized, but she is fine and to be honest it bothers her if I and other relatives worry too much.

I was shocked because my mother and I just wanted to know the situation.

The daugher is running her own business, so she must be busy and she doesn't like to be disrupted by things that has nothting to do with his business.

I realized again environment changes people.