Kim Kardashian's New Brand キム・カーダシアンの新しいブランド

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Jul 4, 2019 17:23
Kim Kardashian's news reported in the BBC News on the radio the other day.

When I saw her photos that she wore underwear on the website, my eyes were glued to them because she looked naked.

Her named the new underwear KIMONO, which is made of spandex, nude color.

She said that the name was associated with a term she created; KIM is her name and MONO is a thing in Japanese: KIM NO MONO, Kim's thing.
彼女はその名前は、彼女の作った言葉からきていると言った。KIMは彼女の名前で、MONOは日本語で物。KIM NO MONOは、キムの物。

Therefore, it has nothing to do with Kimono, traditional Japanese clothes.

However, many Japanese people felt unpleasant because it was disrespectful.

Some Japanese posted complains on her Instagram.

I heard people signed a petition againt her using the name.

Finally, she gave up using the name.

Kim makes lots of money through social media, and Japanese people took advantage of using it to be against her.
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