Doll's Festival ひな祭り

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Mar 2, 2015 19:20
It has been third time to display a set of dolls since I came here, in the Netherlands.

The doll's festival is held on the 3rd of March.

The family with young girls display dolls,which wear ancient court costumes, on a five or seven tiered stand.

The family wish for girls' health and happiness.

When the festival ends, families have to take dolls away quickly because if they are displayed for long period, girls' marriage is thought to be delayed.

I used to have an authentic seven tiered stand, but no one inherits it, so I offered dolls to a shrine where they hold a memorial service for the dolls.

It is said that dolls have souls, you can't throw them away to a bin.

Sorry for my upside-down photo.

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