A German Had Monjayaki ドイツ人もんじゃ焼きを食べる

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Apr 6, 2017 20:32
My German friend had monjayaki for the first time in her life.

Monjayaki is a Japanese style pancake, but it is notable that customers make it on their own.

We spread the mixer, flour, water, vegetables, meat, or seafood on a big square iron pan.

It seems too runny, but it gradually becomes sticky while we mix with a special turner.

The way of eating is also unique; we lightly press the monja with a turner, so that the monjya sticks to the turner, then we eat it directly from the turner.

My friend seemed to enjoy it.

As the time went, the monjya got burnt a bit, but that flavour was appealing.
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