The Eldery Share Their Houses with Young Students 老人が家を若者と共有する

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May 28, 2017 16:45
TV showed that one old man is sharing his house with a young student who is not his family or relatives.

The old man is a member of an organization which plays a role as a mediator between the eldery living alone and young students having a financial difficutly.

The old man provides his house, and meals to a young man, in return he pays rent to him, but his contribution as the cost of living is very small.

The old man said that he feels good that he is helpful, enjoys having a company, and feels safe.

On the other hand, the student seemed to want to just save his money, and didn't seem to appreciate old man's kindness.

I think the organization should teach moral sense to the students in order to treat the elderly respectrully.

Moreover, students should share roles at each house.