A Dutch Lady Who Knows More About Japan Than Me 私より日本に詳しいオランダ人女性   

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Mar 13, 2015 07:18
She invited me and some ladies to her house, and poured sake to small cups which she had bought an antique shop when she was in Japan.

There was a picture, a man in Japanese tradition costume, in a cup.

She explained that the picture shows "Yabusame", which is one of Japanese martial art competitions.

A man who shoots arrows to a target, a board while riding on a horse, which is required high skills.

That event takes place at a special occasion in Japan, but I only saw it on the TV.

She had a chance to see it in her eyes as her husband was a chairman of an expat community in Japan.
Some ladies who used to live in Japan look like very Japanese.

You can see the photo, the cup is first low and far-right.