Mussels     ムール貝

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Jan 5, 2014 21:19
I went to a restaurant and tried to order mussels.

On the menu there were mussels that were cooked in differents tate such as cream, tomato sauce, and garlic.

I wanted to have simple one, so I asked, 'Which is a normal one?' hesitating, as I knew my expression wasn't appropriate.

'Normal' sounds like mussels are safe to eat and other mussels are not fresh.

A kind waitress recommend one that seasoned only white wine, which is most popular.

I should have asked 'plaine one'?

By the way, mussels are served in buckets and people scoop to eat contains using empty shells.

Some people don't like mussels because it stucks on the underneath of vessels.

Another reason is it helps water to be clean, which means clams absorb lot of dirts.