I Don't Like Quiz Shows クイズ番組が嫌い

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Apr 12, 2017 22:15
The trend in popular TV programs in Japan is quiz shows, which I don't like.

There are two types of program, the one is that some TV personalities who are thought to be silly, (actually, they have low academic backgrounds), answer the questions.

Their answers are always absurd in order to make viewers laugh, and they seem to compete how funny they are.

The other is a program where all personalities graduated from famous univertities, and it seems to me that they want to show how bright they are.

The reason I hate these is both programs seem to be staged, the casts may know the answer beforehand.

If they are comedians, their job is to entertain people, and If they are actors, their goal is to make people inspire by showing good performance

It is not important whether they have enough trivia.