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May 22, 2017 11:28
I went to IKEA to buy funiture because I'm moving to a new apartment.
イケアに家具を買いに行った。 引っ越すので。

The stores reminded me of IKEA in Holland because the layout is completely the same.

The Japanese young families come to IKEA not only to browse the stores, but also enjoy the atmosphere which makes them feel that they are somewhere in foreign countries.

In the store, IKEA sets up rooms which are supposed to live alone or 2 kids or pets, which enables the customers to imagine easily what their life is like with IKEA furniture.

The rooms look really attractive, since the incandescent lights creat cosy, and warm atmosphere.

Most Japanese homes still use flourescent lights which make rooms dark, and cold.

I get tired if I stay IKEA for a long time, because I'm not interested in home decor.

Maybe because I moved around a lot in Japan, and my mother would tell me not to demage walls or floor of the homes which were offered by my father's compnay.

I've become a minimalist, and I don't have a good sense of decorating rooms.

On the contrary, my husband has a specific preference about this and that.

His pickiness makes me sick and tired.
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