Will More Funds to Schools Help Children? 子供の為に学校にもっと基金を?

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Apr 1, 2017 18:26
I read an article that Scotland will give more funds to schools to help close the educational gap between students from wealthy families students from low-income homes.

Some schools are planning to expand the current programs, such as free meals, or summer clubs.

However, I think that educating parents should be prioritized, because their life style affects children's academic performance.

If the teachers regually visit students' house who have low grades, teachers can actually learn what they are facing.

In order to slove the problems, teachers could refer the children, or paretns to specialists.

Creating a good environment at home can help children focus on studying.

Thus, the funds should be spent on recruiting more teachers who have much experiences in dealing family matters.

The money should be used for raising their salary, because I heard that many teachers have to give up their carrier due to the hard work.