Hospitality In The Philippines

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Sep 11, 2019 20:09
I woke up from a nap after lunch, someone called me.There were some donuts on the table.Someone bought them for everyone, but why?
Last month two co-workers finished trial working and became a full-time worker.They bought the donuts for celebration of becoming full-time workers.Readers in this entry would think it's weird because normally other people around them should celebrate for it.However, the custom is normal in the Philippines.If someone gets something celebration or happy things for him, he normally celebrate it by himself.So if the day is somebody's birthday, he have to celebrate the day by himself, buying a birthday cake, whole chicken or gorgeous foods.
By the way, the donuts were cook by J CO.It's unknown brand for me.It would be a local brand.I didn't eat it yet, because I keep on a diet.This Friday going on a diet will finish, so I'll eat it after this Friday, Saturday morning.I keep it in my fridge, so it won't be decayed.
The month after next month is my birthday.I have to celebrate the day by myself.Umm.How about buying a whole Lechon?Lechon is a Filipino baked pork.